Cloriti Pharmaceuticals E.A Ltd Dealers in Human

We provide quality health care products and  recognized as one of the most respected Pharmaceuticals, Surgicals, Veterinary Medicine and Medical & Veterinary Equipment providers in East Africa by both the Health Care Community and the families that entrust us with servicing their healthcare needs.
Cloriti Pharmaceutical E.A Ltd is a full service provider, offering sales, service and installation of medical equipment. Our trained technical staff offer high quality product installation and timely after sales service of all the products we provide.

Our Mission

To provide demonstrably superior medical and veterinary products that empower you and your caregivers to confidently take control in potentially life-threatening situations.

Our History

It’s no coincidence that Cloriti Pharmaceutical so strongly believes in patient-inspired design through true collaboration between our experts and the people who use our products.

 We have two branches currently, we are located on Dayalal & Sons Building, Next to Equity Bank Ngong Town and Musembi Road,Worldwide Printing Centre, Next to Stima Sacco Plaza, Opposite Stima Hotel Ngara

Company Values

1. Purposeful & Passionate Culture

We believe that each of us – and all of us – is purposefully driven to make a difference in the lives of patients & Animals and in our industry as well as in the lives of our communities, families and each other.

The Cloriti way is created by our great people; our way is not to seek to be like others, but rather to passionately pursue meaningful and innovative solutions for patients.

We believe that when we answer our purposeful calling, we find success in our business and significance in our lives.


2. Personal Integrity

Personal integrity is always striving to do the right thing, in all circumstances. It is the foundation on which Cloriti and our global business partners work together to serve our patients and create value for our business.

Personal integrity is the foundation of the Cloriti way; it is the defining characteristic of us as individuals and professionals.

3. Professional Accountability

Professional accountability is the promise we make to make to each other to do what we say we will do, and deliver when promised.

We commit to be trustworthy and to trust each of our teammates to do their part in realizing Cloriti’s vision.

We are accountable stewards to all of our stakeholders – including patients, partners, investors and our families – for the most effective use of our time, resources and intellectual capital.


4. Winning Teamwork

Winning teamwork means that we are committed to help each other, listen intently, communicate openly, motivate and mentor each other.

We are agile, nimble, disciplined, and we believe in the power of teamwork. We strive to maintain healthy relationships among ourselves, our families, business partners and within our communities by supporting each other.

5. Innovation & Excellence

In creating innovation & excellence, we promote and practice inspirational thinking, creative conversations and collaborative problem solving.

Whatever we do, we do well – very well.

We strive to be change agents. We believe in self-development, and we commit to helping all our teammates achieve their professional and personal goals.

Through innovation and excellence, Cloriti will be recognized as providing unequivocal value to patients, as an invaluable business partner and as a thought leader in our industry.