Human Medicines: The whole range of human medicine and vaccine

Veternary Medicines: We deal with vertenary rediagnosed vaccine, veternary equipemnt diagnostics and rapid test kits.

Supplies - Bottles, filter and lens paper, glass and plastic ware, microscope slides and cover glass, notebooks, Petri dishes, tubes, tips, vials, wash bottles, human medicines, veterinary medicines and medical gynecological products and surgical

Equipment - baths, block heaters, centrifuges, hotplate stirrers, incubators, ovens, pumps, shakers, tissue grinders, Wiley Mills, in-vitro diagnostics machine, pharmaceutical equipment, veterinary equipment and many more

Instruments - anemometers, balances, clocks, hydrometers, hygrometers, microscopes pH meters, stopwatches, thermometers, timers, viscometers, and more.

- buffers, cleaning products, desiccants, reagents, and many more